Custom Medical Kits

Medical Officer, Ltd offers thoughfully designed and individually assembled specialty medical kits for our training clients including offshore sailors, expedition medics, and backcountry professionals. We supply high quality materials in sturdy bags and cases. Selection is driven by practical application, durability, your level of training, and your intended use. Economy is not a consideration.
While we cannot supply prescription medication, we do include content recommendations for you to discuss with your health care provider.

We do not bid on orders or keep stock available for immediate sale. We charge time and materials. A small kit will usually cost between USD 400 and 700. A large kit will cost between USD 1000 and 2500.

We will only build a kit when we have the time and peace of mind to do it right. If this works for you, please contact us at Thank you, and safe travels.

To those in the field...

Medical Officer, Ltd. is based in Crested Butte, Colorado USA and is an Instructor Sponsor of programs certified by Wilderness Medical Associates International.